Are you tired of the long blog name? Do you want to make your website or blog name short? Firstly it was not possible but now the trend has changed. Now you can register your domain name with D.N.S for free. It has one year validity. It is very user friendly.

Sites for Free hosting:

To register a free domain click here and follow the steps below.

* Click on create a new account

* Enter all your correct information

* The fields which are mandatory are attested with a tick mark at the corner

* You have to fill all the fields that are mandatory

* You have to be 18 years old to use this service

* Now check the check box where there is written "I accept the terms of service"

* After checking the check box click "Create an account now" to continue the registration

* After your account is created, check the availability of your domain

* If your domain is available you will be asked to "continue to registration"

* You don't have to pay a single pie

* Click on continue to registration

* After that you will get a message "your request is accepted"

* They will ask you to setup the domain with in 48hrs

* You have to setup it with in 48hrs otherwise they will cancel your registration

* To setup your domain click on "Setup"

* After that you will be asked set D.N.S server,Zone record,URL redirecting

* First select the third (3rd) option

* Give all your information that is your website name and url

* Click setup

* Then again setup the zone record (2nd option)

* Enter in the first column "www"

* Second column is a drop down box.Don't touch to it.Let it be "1D"

* In the next column in the drop down box select "C NAME"

* In the last column type "ghs.Google.com"

* Click setup

* Then in the left panel you can see "manage domain" option click on it

* You can see your domain name

* Note:See that zone record is allowed.

* If you can see allowed then it is done

Now the process here is finished.One more simple step to register your domain

* Go to your blog account

* In the settings tab

* Select Publishing

* You will be shown "you are publishing on blog-spot.com"

* On the top you can see "switch to custom domain"

* On the top right you can see "Already own a domain option"

* Click it

* Now type your domain name

* Select " No" in the next question which is asked

* Type the word verification

* Click save

* You will get a message "The D.N.S record ...it will take up to 48hrs to activate your domain

* Don't worry after one day your domain will be registered and you can view your blog or website in your domain name.

Demo :--

Good luck!!
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