How to Write a Press Release

A press release should firstly be interesting, on topic and relevant. A good press release answers all of the “W” questions (who, what, where, when and why), providing the media with useful information about your organization, product, service or event. Don’t make your press release read like an advertisement.

  • Your headline and opening paragraph should tell the story.
  • Write for the Media.
  • What’s the purpose of your PR, pick an angle to write about.
  • Highlight success and failures.
  • Stick to the facts.
  • Get Permission.

Relevance to Google News

Google News publishes the latest content about things which are going on around the world right at this moment. Releasing a timely press release, tied into your news of current or social events would allow Google to place your link above the actual search results.

You need to make sure that:

  • Your original contact details - phone number, name, email address, address are included
  • Make sure the url is numeric or date based - i.e. site.com/talk-about-carp-200903.php
  • Make sure the headline is short, but interesting.
  • Include your targetted keywords in the title, keywords and full description.

Screenshot in Action

Where to Submit my Press Release for Free

Here’s a list of Press Release sites I use, some require registration. Try to place your relevant web link in the Resource Box and not in the actual full text description.

A paid PR link via Prweb is the best option, but this can be expensive, so here’s some free sites:

How did you get on?

Which terms did you rank high on and for how long?

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