An AdWords campaign is made up of full lists of keywords, testing, bidding, etc.,. Pages (in particular “Landing Pages”) shouldn’t exist to take users to another (affiliate) site, as Google will penalise you accordingly. Try to create “squeeze pages” which is a presale page, which then links to your affiliate codes.

Adwords Setup

Sites should contain the following sections, taking into account the Guidelines:

  • Sitemap
  • Privacy Policy/Statement
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Contact Us (Include an address and phone number)
  • About Us

Campaign Setup

Here’s some recommended techniques to make sure your campaigns are defined:

  • Research your Competitors, do their adverts stay the same or change?
  • When bidding, try for position 3 or 4, reduce bids when the CTR improves.
  • Don’t bid on broad keywords, keep it targeted and use Exact or Phrase Match.
  • Aim for a 3% conversion rate, if not stop the ad.
  • Keep campaigns targeted by both country, keywords and by actual text used in the advert itself.
  • If using exact matching on a keyword with a constant CTR, lower your bid by 1 cent per day.
  • Use trademark symbols such as ™ and ® in the Title.
  • Having the Keyword in your URL helps, try adding it to a sub-domain landing page.

Content Setup

  • Create original reviews of whatever you are promoting, include user reviews also.
  • List comparable products from competitors, perhaps even link to related products.
  • Make use of displaying special offers and discount codes.

Free Adwords Voucher

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Tools to Use

These tools will save time spent on research:


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