License: Free
System Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

If you’re looking to get into drawing and graphic software to test your creative skills, then DrawPlus 4 will fill the bill admirably. With this free drawing and graphic package from Serif Software, you can produce vector graphics, high-impact graphics, and even web animations with tools usually only available in high end applications.
DrawPlus 4 is a vector drawing program, like the very expensive CorelDraw, which means the drawing is in editable layers. On top of that, DrawPlus is also a graphics design program that allows you to create logos, high quality print graphics, artwork, drawings, animations, labels and more.
The straightforward and intuitive interface is powerful yet simple, so that first time users, (like me – with no graphic skills), will get the professional quality results they want – fast! I’m told by friends that are users, that this program is great for making avatars; although I haven’t tried this myself.
If you like special effects, DrawPlus 4 is loaded with them, so it’s easy to create high impact text for headlines, logos, banners, Web pages, or wherever your imagination takes you. You can add bitmap, conical, ellipse, plasma, radial and linear fills to your creations to produce spectacular results.
DrawPlus supports industry standard bitmap and vector formats including: JPEG, BMP, EMF, WMF and PNG for the Web.
This application was previously a commercial program (released in 2002, I believe) but it still contains much of the functionality of pricey, newer releases. Serif’s objective in releasing older versions of their current programs is to hopefully have at least some users upgrade to current versions of their software.
Serif describes the features of DrawPlus 4 as follows:
Drawing & Sketching
* Say goodbye to complicated tools and ’shaky hand’ drawings. DrawPlus makes drawing simple with easy to use QuickShapes, Natural Curve Editing and Curve Smoothing.
Backdrop Wizard
* Easily add abstract or themed backgrounds to your designs. From dazzling presentation backgrounds to outer-space style backdrops, start your drawings on a ready-made designer canvas.
Studio Resources
* Choose from hundreds of pre-set lines, fills, transparencies, fonts and Wizard elements from the Studio tabs to save you time and still achieve amazing results.
Color Selection
* Apply color fills to backgrounds, shapes and your own drawings from the simple on-screen studio palette.
Animation Mode
* Bring your designs to life with the fun animation tools, which include easy-to-use, yet advanced features like onion skinning, backgrounds, overlays and frame management.
* Use the blend tool to automatically ‘morph’ two images into one another. You choose the number of steps and let DrawPlus do the rest - easy!
* Easily create sparkling photo-like realism and quality in seconds with no experience required.
Watermark Wizard
* A notoriously difficult effect to create is now a total breeze, with a wide range of customizable watermark designs on hand.
Border Wizard
* Choose borders from the extensive library for your objects and pages or let the Border Wizard help you.
Color Schemes
* Define new color sets as shades of a base color, and then simply apply your color scheme to your design instantly by editing the original base color.
Editable Envelopes
* Stretch and squeeze objects or text into whatever shape you choose. Select from the range of special outline shapes or customize your own!
* Create high-impact text for headlines, logos, banners, web pages and more. Convert your text to curves to bring fonts to life.

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