Today morning, I was awake with numerous SMS beeps and not regular alarm tone. These SMSes were from Google SMS channel. I’m subscribed to my own blog (www.unwireindia.com) just to test how SMS channel works for my readers. To my surprise google send same update 9 times.

At the moment where such free SMS service companies are struggling to monetize the SMSes, how can google send same SMS alert for 9 times in the span of 5 mins. I know it can be technical issue, but is Google expected to do so ?

I sincerely appologies to my SMS subscribers for such event (if they have received more than 1 sms for same alert). As you are aware, these things are beyond my control.

Click here to subscribe for SMS updates (hopefully, you will receive different update in different SMS) :P

This incident triggers to an interesting debate, Can we term such alerts (if send more than once) as SPAM ? What do you all think ? Should google apologies ?

Also, please mention if you are victim of such incident.

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Amaresh said... @ 4 June 2009 at 10:01
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