Let me explain this with an example.

When someone in New York city want to get their home painted, they will go to Google and search for "Painters in Google". Google will display several hundred results. The person will click on first few results in Google Search and choose one of them. The painting companies who are listed in top few results will get the business.

So, for 1000s of such companies, getting listed in top 10 results of Google search results is key to the success of their business.

Now, Google decides which company to list in the top of the search results ?

Google considers several factors including the following:

1. Content of the website - if the website's content includes the words 'Painters', 'New York' etc, then Google will understand that this site is about "Painters in New York" (but there will be 100s of such sites with similar content)

2. This is most important - Google will check how many of those sites have a link to their site from other sites using the keyword "Painters in New York". Google will assume that the site with most number of links is the most important site and will list that site in the top of the search results.

Now, when such companies pay us, our members will write blogs and articles with appropriate links to their website. This will increase the number of links to their site with the desired keywords and so help them to get listed in the top of the search results. This will in turn lead to more business for them

Good luck for New Blogs!!



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