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Browsers-everybody in the world use their own favorite browsers to surf internet.One of the most common impression is your site name, that decides many things to improve your rank with Google,Yahoo,Alexa...and that will impress visitors very much if you have an impressive name.

So I have 1 little tip, small but useful,specially 99 % visitors will notice your blog.It's called "scrolling blog name on browser".At this tip, it is a simple code, easy and effective.

To make it : you just have to add this code before the </head> tag or put the code in HTML/JavaScript.


<script type='text/javascript'>

var txt="Your blog name and little description about your site here";

var espera=200;

var refresco=null;

function rotulo_title()



txt=txt.substring(1,txt.length)+txt.charAt(0); refresco=setTimeout("rotulo_title()",espera);





Change the orange words by your own information, Save and watch it run.Good luck!


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